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Students: Watch out for those unpaid video production “internships”

Internships can be very beneficial for students looking to get started in a particular industry. They’re a great way to see the profession from the inside, network with professionals, and quite possibly… may lead to your first job. I know plenty of young people who’ve landed their dream jobs all… Read More

How much does a video production cost?

One of the most common questions presented to videographers is “How much does a video cost?” “Well, it depends.” We know it’s not exactly the answer prospective clients want to hear. Before we explain why, rephrase the question to; “How much does an automobile cost?”  Well, it depends. Is it a car,… Read More

Why most consumers don’t need video productions in 4K

The era of 4K is here… but it’s not what you’ve been told.. LG sold the first 4K (or UHD) television in the United States in 2012. Since then, manufacturers, salesmen, and even video production companies have used 4K as revenue-generating gimmick. Before you exit this blog, let us be… Read More

What to know before hiring a drone operator

So, you want to hire a drone pilot for you video production? Awesome! Low-cost drone technology has changed the video production industry forever. In most cases, clients no longer need to book expensive flight time with a helicopter pilot and a separate aerial videographer to get the job done. This… Read More

Why we don’t use “popular” music in our productions

Customers often request their videographer or editor to include popular music in their video. In the case of a wedding video, a customer would want the song they used for their first dance in the video. The source of audio could either be from the ambient audio captured in the… Read More

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