Live Streaming Channel

Live Stream Schedule

No currently scheduled live events. This stream may occasionally show test broadcasts.

Live Stream Tips / Support

  • The live stream on this page is supported by YouTube. Your device must meet the system requirements. In general, you need a current browser or app version, a high speed internet connection, and audio capabilities. 
  • The live stream will begin a few minutes before the actual event starts. Be sure to tune in early to allow time to troubleshoot any technical issues. A looping video with audio will be played prior to the event. 
  • For the video best quality, make sure your player is set to 1080p HD and you enable full screen view. 720p is acceptable in some situations but some detail will be lost. Your system may not always automatically select the highest quality. 
  • Should you have issues watching the live feed, please select the backup server link below the player in case there is a network issue with YouTube itself. In addition, some live events may also be simulcasted on our Facebook page
  • The overall performance of a live stream is dependent on the internet connection at the event site and your device. We make every effort to deliver a steady stream, but we cannot always guarantee it due to issues beyond our control.
  • Some live events may be available for viewing later on if you miss the event or you experience a technical issue during it. Check this page later for a link to the recording of the event or contact us for more information. 
  • We are unable to provide user-end technical support during live events, but we’re happy to provide some support in advance of a stream. We may be able to run a test stream in certain situations or provide you additional instructions. Please contact us if need assistance.