Manatee rescue for ABC Television’s Sea Rescue

Tampa Bay Video Service was hired to shoot a portion of an episode of ABC’s “Sea Rescue.” Sea Rescue is an educational program produced by Litton Entertainment and features real life rescues of marine life.

Sea Rescue sent us out to Crystal River, Florida where the rescue of several manatees were taking place after Tropical Storm Collin. The storm’s surge caused the manatees to wander into a small pond within the Plantation on Crystal River Golf Course.

Once the waters receded, access back to the river was cut off and the manatees became stuck in the pond. Multiple government agencies and volunteer groups participated in the relocation of the manatees back to the Crystal River.

Tampa Bay Video Service’s Ryan French served as field producer and videographer. The raw material was then provided to Litton Entertainment to produce the episode.

Sea Rescue Season 7 Episode 16 “After the Storm” is scheduled to air in March 10th, 2018. Sea Rescue appears weekend mornings on local ABC affiliates. Check your local listings. Below is a preview of the episode.