O3 Vets Live Training

Tampa Bay Video Service was hired in October 2020 by O3 Vets, a Michigan-based company that provides education, supplies, and training to veterinarians on ozone therapy.

A challenge O3 Vets faced with COVID-19 was finding a way to train as many people as possible, while limiting in-person attendance. This is where Tampa Bay Video Service came in to help with our live streaming services.

We streamed the 2-day training session live to Zoom and YouTube. We also provided nearly 16 hours of recordings for those who missed the training.

Tampa Bay Video Service utilized two Nikon D7500 cameras, our Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO switcher, our Zoom LiveTrak L8 mixer, multiple Azden wireless microphones, and two-way radios for crew comms.

It was a long two days but our crew enjoyed working with O3 Vets. We look forward to helping them with their next presentation. Special thanks to Pasco Veterinary Medical Center in Lutz for their hospitality.