Live Streaming

Are you hosting a live event and wanting reach out to a remote audience? Tampa Bay Video Service has you covered with live streaming options that can be added to almost any video production.

We can stream to our social media accounts or yours on the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and any custom platform that accepts the standard RTMP protocol. Streams can be password protected, members-only, or behind a pay wall.

If you’re looking for your event on our live streaming channel, click HERE.

Events We Can Live Stream

 Weddings, Ceremonies, & Sermons
 Conferences & Speeches
 Meetings & Announcements
 Concerts, Recitals, & Plays
 And More!

Live Streaming Platforms

  Custom Server*

*We can stream to any server that accepts the standard RTMP protocol used by many websites, social media sites, and other streaming platforms. 

Live Streaming Benefits

  Low Cost
  Quick Set-Up & Small Footprint
  Switching Up to 3 Camera Sources
  Stream To Multiple Platforms
  Graphics & Watermarks
  Recorded Copy of Stream

Recent Streaming Projects